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Your Pain & Trauma is Holding You Back.

Your Healing is Currently BLOCKED. This Damage is Poisoning Your Life.

One-Time Cost: $1,800.00 $997.00 $27 (+ any local tax)

You CAN Heal the Hurt, Release the Past, AND Find Your Freedom - By Tapping into the Proven Science Behind Rewrite History.

1 Year Money Back Guarantee Life Time Support
Rewrite History Bundle
  • Everything: ‘Rewrite History’ provides all you need to rapidly heal your past
  • Guaranteed: Overcome all major/minor pain & trauma, starting just 1 week from now
  • Listen & Heal: Includes 12 groundbreaking NLP audios that heal, while you listen!
  • Science-Based: Incorporates neuroscience, NLP, martial arts, storytelling, and more
  • Voted #1: Ranked #1 psychotherapist & wellness program, by Trustpilot

The Rewrite History Healing Program includes:

Entire Rewrite History Course Guide
Entire Rewrite History Course

A full, three-part, 100-page guide - exploring everything from your memory to the healing process, including ten of the most powerful healing protocols ever developed.

Rewrite History Course Audio
Full Course in Audio Format

The complete Rewrite History course, in audio MP3 format, so you can listen anywhere. Over four hours of powerful listen-along healing, ready to listen on any device.

12 Ultra-Powerful NLP Audio Exercises
12 Ultra-Powerful NLP Audio Exercises

These audios “heal” while you listen! Incorporates the most powerful healing protocols currently known. You’ll receive the Vaporize Process, Detonate Process, Dissociate Process, Time Machine Process, and more. All backed by science, and powered by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Over 9 hours total of life-changing audio.

NEW! Now includes bonus ‘quick’ versions of all 12 healing exercises!

Rewrite History Journal
The Complete Rewrite History Journal

Fillable PDF - Your personal companion in the healing journey, filled with reflections, mission statements, and advice on each of the exercises.

Rewreite History Bonus Bundle

You’ll receive a full box of additional bonus gifts, including the Cinema Process ‘instant magic’ audio exercise, the Fairground Process ‘scar eraser’, the Swish Pattern 'belief flipper', and more.


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Priority 24/7 Lifetime Healing Support

Change isn’t easy, and sometimes you need someone to listen and support you. Our team is here around-the-clock to do just that. We’ll send you our priority contact email address.

One Year Money Back Guarantee Image
1-Year Money-Back Guarantee

You’ll love your healing experience. But if you’re not ecstatic with the results for any reason, just let us know within a year, and we’ll refund everything you paid.

1 Year Money Back Guarantee Life Time Support
Rewrite History Bundle
One-Time Cost: $1,800.00 $997.00 $27 (+ any local tax)

What Other Healers Say...

Photo of Jennifer McLean

“Would you like a new life? Would you like to erase the past? I've been using the Rewrite History program with the ‘Vaporize Process’ audio to literally clear, erase and transform a very negative memory from my brain and body. The process is so fast and powerful that I absolutely must recommend it to anyone who feels like a negative memory, belief or feeling is keeping them stuck. Try it, because you 100% deserve to be free.”

Photo of Darius M. Barazandeh

“Trauma (whether you remember it or not) is one of the foundational reasons why things don't go our way. We are constantly trying to create scenarios to help us resolve this trauma and find our peace and power. This unresolved subconscious material is the emotional baggage that holds us back. Now, there is a miraculous and powerful program here to genuinely help. I wish I had Rewrite History when I was starting to heal; it would have taken years of struggle away. Get this... It will help you let go, move on, and live your best life.”

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1 Year Money Back Guarantee Life Time Support
Rewrite History Bundle
One-Time Cost: $1,800.00 $997.00 $27 (+ any local tax)